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The Gallery

The Gallery 

Welcome to The Core Memory's Gallery!

Being, from the very beginning, a simple page, the Gallery has been logically transformed to the couple of pages, each dedicated to the separate aspect of the site's object area. These pages are:

  • Computers;
  • Simulators;
  • Electronic Boards;
  • Coding Forms;
  • Flowcharting Tools;
  • Events Illustrated;
  • Ads & Posters;
  • Photos & Postcards and
  • Miscellaneous.

Pages' names are self-explanatory and therefore need no additional comments as to their content.

While every care has been taken in the compilation of the information contained in the Gallery, The Core Memory gives no guarantee as to its currency, accuracy, completeness or quality. The Core Memory expressly reserves the right to make changes to this website or parts thereof without notice. The Core Memory has no control over and can therefore give no guarantee as to the currency, accuracy, completeness or quality of the contents of any third party materials that are introduced herein. Image files are the property of the noted contributor and also cannot be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. The author trusts that any unintended breach of copyright will be notified to him so that due acknowledgment can be made or the copyright material removed.



Personal List of Contributors to The Core Memory Project

 Jeff Opt

 Peter Blaessing

 Patrick Steinbrenner

 Peter Dick

 Howard Reams

 Jeff Benchley

 Patrick Jankowiak

 Ray Roton

 George Berlinski

 Francis Baudoux

 Jurij Berezin

 Sergej Demchuk

 Ron Taylor

 Dave Morton

 Bradford DeVries

 Rodney Young

 Emmanuel Georgantas

 Katsuhiko Hirai

 John Maddock

 Walter Niblick

 William Mitchel

 Jim Layton

 John Swallow

 Martin Bennett

 David Agostino

 Joe Steward

 Iain Simpson

 Mark Brennan

 Jim Taylor

 Ian Ormerod

 Andres Montes

 Carlos Guerra

 Jason Brownhill

 Joe Schneid

 Chuck Hemry

 Chris Hegter

 Heinz Neese

 Fred van Hanswijk Pennink

 Ted Pappas

 Aileen LeBlanc

 Fernando de Leon Morales

 Walter Meyer

 Rick Lugg

 Hans-Jurgen Kopfstadt

 Tim Churchill

 John Risko

 Dennis Melville

 Fred Monheimius

 Gustavo Del Dago

 Alan Gilham






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