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NCR WorkSaver 300
WorkSaver 300
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NCR WorkSaver 300

The NCR WorkSaver 300 Professional Workstation is an impressiveNCR WorkSaver 300 addition to the WorkSaver family of multifunction workstations. It gives businesses professional computing capabilities at each desk, because the WorkSaver 300 uses the popular operating systems MS-DOS'" and CP/M-86"'. In addition, the WorkSaver 300 Professional Computer can expand to include more memory and hard disk storage when needed.

The ergonomically designed components include a 12" tilt-and-swivel high-resolution screen with 29-line, 80 characters per-line display (optional 15" color also available). The WorkSaver 300 processor unit houses a 16-bit INTEL 80186 processor with 512K of RAM memory connected to it. The disk module houses one double-sided , dual-density, mini-flexible 5'!4 ' diskette drive that can handle approximately 630K , as well as hard disk drives with an initial capacity of 10 MB. Subsequent releases will offer 20 and 40 MB drives. Up to four hard disks may be linked to a WS-300 workstation.



The NCR WorkSaver 300, in addition to functioning as a standalone workstation, can also be configured in department environments as a master or cluster station. Because it's modular and expandable it allows our current users who have the WS-100 and WS-200 series of systems to add the WS-300 as an additional station or for new users to start their system growth with the WS-300 as a master, standalone or cluster workstation.

The clustering flexibility of the WorkSaver 300 means you can share information and files from a common data base quickly and efficiently, because you're getting the information you need electronically, with no need to go to another office or make a phone call. You can even, using the special WorkSaver Password Security System, get the information you need from a colleague when he or she is ill or out of town. And, of course, clustering means you have the ability to lie into a local area network for even greater efficiency and productivity.

Compatibility in communications and information sharing remains the same in whatever cluster arrangement you may choose, through NCR's integration of software and seamless interface between applications.

WorkSaver 300 clusters, using a WS-300 as the master station, can support up to three additional workstations. When WS-300 Series systems are part at existing WorkSaver clusters, the maximum number of supportable workstations is as follows:

  • Master WS-140 supports up to 2 additional workstations
  • Master WS-150 supports up to 3 additional workstations
  • Master WS-210 supports up to 16 additional workstations.



The NCR WorkSaver 300 Series systems not only give you a choice when it comes to power, flexibility and configuration, but also a choice when it comes to the type of screen you would like. Currently, two monochrome screens and one color screen are available for you to choose from.

WorkSaver 300's wide variety of screens gives you the flexibility to choose screens according to your budget as well as your information processing needs, yet have the convenience of working with one vendor, no matter which type of display you choose.

As an example, our 15" color screen offers a graphics display, which is most useful for any type of business which needs to have a graphic representation of numeric information, as well as for applications such as financial planning.

All screens offer the ergonomic advantages of tilt and swivel. There's a brightness control, as well as a very high character resolution. These features enable an operator to work more comfortably and productively.



The NCR WorkSaver 300 Series consists of modular workstation components that can be configured in a variety of ways 10 meet the diverse application requirements of today's office. Each WorkSaver 300 workstation is comprised of a series of discrete, separately packaged modules, which can be combined by the end-user to obtain workstations with varying capabilities and capacities.

What makes the VVorkSaver 300 so easy and convenient to use is the special "x-bus" connector on all the processing, power, controller, memory and diskette modules. This simple connector lets you tailor your office information system to your needs, adding memory and power with a simple twist of the wrist. Also, once you have added a new module, the graphics based diagnostic software illustrates the new configuration as it tests each module.



The NCR WorkSaver 300 Series products are the newest addition to the WorkSaver family of multifunction workstations. The WorkSaver 300 consists of a series of modules that allow you to add memory and storage as needed, so you can easily reconfigure your system as your needs change.

The WorkSaver 300 Series can be utilized as a professional workstation, a cluster station, a standalone office automation workstation, or a master office automation workstation controlling several cluster stations.

The WorkSaver 300's ergonomically designed components include a 12" tilt-and-swivel; high-resolution screen and a 15" color display both capable of displaying 29 lines of 80 characters. The processor houses a 16-bit processor with from 256K to 1MB of RAM memory.

Attached to the processor is a wide range of disk storage modules that allow up to 40 MB of storage. However, subsequent releases will permit up 10 100 MB of storage.

The detached keyboard is connected by a 5-loot coiled cable. The keys are low profile, in a standard typewriter configuration with a convenient 10-key pad and special function keys.

The WorkSaver 300 Series systems can be clustered and share the hard disk of the master station, as well as sharing the other attached peripherals like printers, plotters and modems.



In many office s today, paper hand ling is a laborious as well as time-consuming process. Electronic typewriters save time over their non-electric predecessors; yet, they still require the manual insertion of paper. So revisions and original keyboarding are not done fast or efficiently.

Furthermore, even office automation has not always improved the flow of paper work. The effectiveness of many printer attachments has been reduced by mechanical and operative limitations.

However, with the NCR WorkSaver Series of printer attachments there are no such limitations; paper handling has never been easier, never been more efficient.

NCR offers a complete series of printing attachments for both the LQP-3D and LQP-50 letter-quality printers. Attachments, that form a vital link in the efficient flow of paperwork. These attachments are completely compatible with our line of acoustic covers. But most important, they enable standalone operators and those in cluster environments to enjoy the benefits of faster throughput and easier operation.

Attachments available include the following:

  • Single Bin Sheet Feeder - gives you large capacity for one paper type
  • Dual Bin Attachment - lets you use both letterhead and plain paper
  • Envelope Attachment - gives you automatic feeding of envelopes for addressing
  • Bi-Dir. Forms Tractor - handles you r continuous forms with ease
  • Cut Sheet Guide - gives you straight, professional looking printing by lining up your single sheets evenly.

Whatever your paper-handling requirements, whether you're a small business or a large organization, NCR has the specific attachment that will increase your efficiency. All attachments are accessed at the keyboard by a few simple keystrokes. Your operators become more productive because their trips to the printer are greatly reduced. Production is uninterrupted except to load paper and retrieve printed documents.


Minimum RAM 256K Bytes
Maximum RAM 1 Mbyte
Mass Storage:
One double-sided, dual
density flexible diskette drive with 630K bytes storage
One or more hard disk
drives in 10 and planned 20-megabyte capacities
Expansion hard disk storage modul
es available - up to 40 megabytes


AC Power Capacity:
50 or 60 Hz 0.5 Hz
Voltage: 85 to 130 Vrms
(220Volt European
standard also)

AC Power Requirements
(max. @ 105 Vrms):
1.25 Amps

DC Power Capacity:
Input Power: 35V DC
+ 5 Volts: 4.6 Amps
+ 12 Volts: 3.4 Amps
- 12 Volts: 0.2 Amp
+24 Volts: 1.25 Amps

Cable Lengths

AC: 10 feet
Keyboard to Workstation
14 inches coiled
5 feet extended
Printer to Workstation
50 feet (max.)


Disk Media:
Operating: 50 to 104 F
(10 to 40 C)
Non-Operating: - 7 to
116.6F (-22 to 47 C)
Humidity: 20 to 80%
Operating: 32 to 104
F (0 to 40 C)
g: - 40 to 167F (- 40 to 75C)
Humidity: 5 to 95%


16Bit, INTEL 80186
Maximum Memory: 1 MB


Monochrome or Color
80 characters x 29 lines

Two Serial Ports

One for communications
One for printing or plotting

Parallel Port

1 Centronics Interface


Professional Workstation
Graphics Workstation



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