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NCR Criterion Series

NCR Criterion V-8590

The NCR Criterion 8590 combines two complete processing elements — in a single cabinet — into a symmetrical, tightly coupled multiprocessor that provides the flexibility andNCR Criterion V-8590 performance demanded by large, multiple-application environments. Symmetrical tight coupling means that both elements share all system resources equally, under VRX, NCR's powerful Virtual Resource Executive software.

VRX automatically dispatches units of work from a common pool, continuously leveling the load between the two elements for maximum efficiency, without operator intervention. Each element incorporates the same modular design and distributed intelligence scheme that have made previous Criterion systems the new standard for the industry. Each also includes its own VRX Hardware Assist Unit that performs all the operations necessary to set up a command for execution while a previous command is executing.

Base 8590 memory is two million bytes, expandable in 1-megabyte increments to a maximum of six million bytes. Four-way memory interleaving is standard. Each of four contiguous words is located in a separate memory module, allowing up to 16 bytes to be read or written without accessing any module continuously for more than one memory cycle. In addition to main memory, the 8590 has 128K bytes of high- speed control store memory (56-nanosecond cycle time) for firmware instructions, which serve as the interface between system hardware and software.

A variety of peripheral and terminal units are available for maximum configuration flexibility. Peripherals interface to the system in one of three ways: through common trunks having transfer rates of up to 1.1 megabyte, through an optional I/O Link Controller that employs a bit-serial transmission discipline with direct memory access, and through one or two integrated disk controllers that will accommodate up to 24 spindles each.




Processor:                                 Two processing elements
                                                   56-nanosecond cycle time
                                                   VRX Assist Unit
                                                   (hardware instruction set-up)
                                                   Floating Point Assist Firmware

Memory:                                    2 megabyte base memory
                                                 Metal-oxide semiconductor
                                                 475 ns cycle time
                                                 4-way interleaving
                                                 Double-bit error detection/single-bit error correction


Memory increments                1 megabyte
Maximum main memory            6 megabytes
                                                 Common trunks: Low-speed, medium-speed, high- speed (actual configurations will
                                                 depend upon the options selected)
Integrated Disk Controller:    1 or 2
                                                 Upto 3 strings per control er
                                                 Upto 8 spindles per string
                                                 (658 or 6590 disk units)
                                                 I/O Link Controller: 4 links per controller


Paper media:                          
Card readers                           upto 1,000 cpm
Card punches                           upto 450 cpm
MICR sorters                           upto 1200 dpm

Printers:                                  upto 3,000 1pm

Magnetic tape handlers:        upto 6250 byte-per-inch capacity
                                               up to 1.2 megabyte transfer rate
                                               7- and 9-channel
                                               PE, NAZI, and OCR mode

Disk units:                              Removable—up to 200 megabyte capacity; up to 885K 8 transfer rate.
                                               Fixed—quad-spindle units with up to 663 megabyte capacity per unit;
                                               1.2 megabyte transfer rate


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