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NCR Criterion Series

NCR Criterion V-8580

The NCR Criterion 8580 is a medium- to large-scale, general-purpose computer system that employs latest state-of-the-art technologies with virtual storage operation to set a new NCR Criterion V-8580standard for data processing productivity. Advanced NCR Criterion hardware architecture has been enhanced by several features specifically engineered for larger online and multiprogramming operations:

Hardware Command Setup

The 8580 performs all command setup in hardware, including object code interpretation, indexing, operand modification, and register distribution. This technique results in faster internal throughput.

Four-way Memory Interleaving

Memory is interleaved so that each of four contiguous words is located in a separate module. This means that 8580 subsystems can read or write four contiguous words (16 bytes) without monopolizing any one module for more than a single memory cycle. As soon as one subsystem finishes accessing a module, that module is immediately available for access by another subsystem.

Enlarged Instruction Storage Unit

The Instruction Storage Unit (ISU) is a high-speed (56 nanosecond access time) memory used to store the firmware microcode that serves as an interface between hardware and software. In the 8580, ISU size is 32K bytes, so that more firmware microcoding can reside there for faster, more efficient operation.

The 8580 has been specifically designed to operate in a virtual storage environment under supervision of the powerful Virtual Resource Executive (VRX). Virtual storage systems effectively assign 16 million bytes of total job space to each program in a multiprogramming environment, regardless of actual memory size available, to optimize operations. The NCR Criterion 8580 with VRX offers the most advanced data processing and file management techniques at a cost that can be readily justified by increased performance and productivity. These techniques are complemented by high-performance hardware to provide more features, more flexibility, and more information for every dollar invested.


General Specifications


Processor Cycle Time                   56 ns
Main Memory (minimum)                1 megabyte
Trunks                                             3
Virtual Storage


Memory increments                      1 megabyte
Main Memory (maximum)              4 megabytes
Trunks (additional)                        upto 5
Integrated Disk Control                2
Disk Strings on IDC                        3
Spindles/String                              8
Integrated Communications        20 lines
Floating Point Assist



Paper Media File Peripherals

Card Readers                                 upto 750 CPM
Card Punches                               upto 450 CPM
Paper Tape Readers                     upto 1500 CPS
Paper Tape Punches                     upto 200 CPS
MICR Sorter/Reader                     up to 1200 DPM


Thermal Printers                           Financial Terminals
Retail Terminals                           Commercial Terminals
Medical Terminals                        CRT Display Terminals


Matrix Printers                            upto 55 LPM
Line Printers                                up to 3000 LPM

Magnetic File Peripherals

Disk Units                                     upto 200 million bytes per unit
                                                       upto 885KB transfer rates
Magnetic Tape Units                    200 to 1600 BPI densities
                                                       40 to 320KB transfer rates
                                                       7 and 9 channels


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