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NCR Criterion Series

NCR Criterion V-8560

The NCR Criterion V-8560 is a medium-scale, general-purpose computer system that exploits latest state-of-the-art technologies to set a new standard for data processing productivity.NCR Criterion V-8560 The V-8560 has all the processing features, peripherals, and expansion capabilities to be a "growth" system for industrial, retail, financial, educational, commercial, medical and governmental operations. Like all NCR systems, it also offers full upward compatibility with larger systems. The user can move from the most basic application to the most complex, transaction-driven multiprogramming environment in easy steps, with minimum disruption and conversion costs. If necessary, he can also incorporate virtual storage, which opens potentials for growth that are almost limitless.

The NCR V-8560 incorporates Criterion multiple virtual machine architecture that allows the process in character of a system to be altered through the medium of firmware. This feature provides current NCR Century users with a simple migration path to Criterion systems by offering software compatibility at the object code level. It also means that systems can be tailored to operate most efficiently in a given processing environment.

Hardware is supported by a full range of products and services to ensure that the user gets the most from his initial investment and throughout the life of the system. Software includes batch, online, multiprogramming, and virtual resource executive operating systems; compilers for most commonly used high-level languages; preprogrammed utility routines; and an extensive library of tested applications for virtually any line of business.

The Criterion V-8560 combines advanced electronic technology with comprehensive software to offer the cost-conscious user a more flexible approach to system design with greater reliability and unlimited expansion potential.




Processor Cycle Time                       84ns
Main Memory (minimum)                  192K
Trunks                                               3


Memory Increments                        64K
Main Memory (maximum)                1.5 megabyte
Trunks (additional)                          2
Integrated Disk Control                  1
Disk Strings on IDC                          2
Spindles/String                                8
Integrated Communications          20 lines
Virtual Storage
Fast Floating Point



Input/Output Peripherals

Card Readers                                   upto 900 CPM
Card Punches                                   upto 450 CPM
Paper Tape Readers                       upto 1500 CPS
Paper Tape Punches                       upto 200 CPS
MICR Sorter/Reader                       upto 1200 DPM
Matrix Printers                                upto 173 CPS


Thermal Printers                             Financial Terminals
Retail Terminals                             Commercial Terminals
Medical Terminals                          CRT Display Terminals


Line Printers                                  upto 3000 LPM

Magnetic File Peripherals

Disk Units                                       upto 200 million bytes per unit
(incl. flexible diskettes)                 upto 806KB transfer rates
Data Module                                    up to 140 million bytes per dual spindle unit
                                                         885 KB transfer rate
Magnetic Tape Units                      200 to 1600 BPI densities
(incl. cassette drives)                    40 to 320 KB transfer rates
                                                         7 and 9 channels


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