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NCR Criterion Series

NCR Criterion V-8550

The NCR 8550 has all the processing features, peripherals, and expansion capabilities to be a solution-oriented system for industrial, retail, financial, educational, commercial, medical,NCR Criterion V-8550 and governmental organizations. NCR Criterion is an attractive new alternative, designed to increase operating productivity. Bridging tools for conversion are an inherent part of the Criterion software. These features and a better price/performance ratio, make possible a smooth, economical transition.
Executive software is complete and comprehensive, and complements the design concept of the hardware to be responsive to processing requirements. Operating environments include batch, transaction processing, multiprogramming, and virtual memory management Languages include industry-standard COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG, BASIC, and NCR NEAT/3. The operating systems minimize both programming and operating costs and provide immediate, efficient utilization of the NCR 8550.

Many applications and programs from the NCR Century library, and many programs written by NCR Century users, can be transferred directly to the NCR 8550 without recoding, recompiling, or restructuring files. Initial recompilation may be advantageous for some applications, while other applications may be recompiled at the user's convenience.

The range of terminals available for the NCR 8550 is unparalleled in the information processing industry. General purpose terminals, and special terminals for specific applications, increase the total flexibility of the computer system.
Criterion is a complete information processing system. The NCR 8550 sets the performance standards. It is for the organization that wants greater productivity.




Processor Cycle Time                   112 ns
Main Memory (minimum)              128K
Real Storage ISU                           8K
Trunks                                           2


Memory Increments                      64 K
Main Memory (maximum)              512 K
Virtual Storage ISU (maximum)    24 K
Trunks                                           2
Integrated Disk Control              1
 Disk Strings on IDC                     1
 Spindles/String                             8
Integrated Communications        10 lines
Virtual Storage
Fast Floating Point



Input/Output Peripherals

Card Readers                               upto 1200 CPM
CardPunches                                upto l00 CPM
Paper Tape Readers                   upto 1500 CPS
Paper Tape Punches                   upto 200 CPS
MICR Sorter/Reader                   upto 1200 DPM
Matrix Printers                          upto 173 CPS


Thermal Printers                         Financial Terminals
Retail Terminals                         Commercial Terminals
Medical Terminals                      CRT Display Terminals


Line Printers                              upto 2000 LPM

Magnetic File Peripherals

Disk Units                                   upto 200 million bytes per unit
                                                   upto 806K B transfer rates
Data Module                                upto 140 million bytes per dual spindle unit
                                                   885KB transfer rate
Magnetic Tape Units                  200 to 1600 DPI densities
                                                   40 to 320KB transfer rates
                                                   7 and 9 channels



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