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NCR Criterion Series

NCR Criterion V-8400

The NCR V-8400 is a versatile, general-purpose computer system that offers the medium-scale user all the benefits of virtual storage operation at a readily affordable cost. EmployingNCR Criterion V-8400 much of the same hardware and firmware technology that has already made NCR Criterion 8500 systems the new standard for processing productivity, the V-8400 with virtual storage software opens up potentials for online and multiprogramming applications that are unique for a system of its size. Because of NCR's philosophy of migration path engineering, the V-8450 also protects the user's initial investment against obsolescence by easing his transition to larger or more specialized systems as his requirements change.

The base V-8450 system comprises 384K of MOS memory. Processor cycle time is 112 nanoseconds. Systems are available with a variety of general and specialized terminal and peripheral units for maximum configuration flexibility, and are supported by comprehensive software that includes:

  • The powerful VRX operating system
  • Compilers for most commonly used high-level languages
  • Preprogrammed utility routines
  • An extensive library of tested applications for virtually every type of operating environment.




Processor Cycle Time             112 ns
Main Memory (minimum)          384K
Trunks                                     1 (50KB)


Main Memory (maximum)          1MB
Trunks (additional)                  3 (150KB or 1MB)
Integrated Disk Control          1
Disk String in DC                      1
Spindles/String                          8
Integrated Communications    20 lines



Paper Media Peripherals

Card Readers                           up to 1200 CPM
Card Punches                         up to 450 CPM
Paper Tape Readers               up to 1500 CPS
Paper Tape Punches               up to 200 CPS
MICR Sorter/Reader               upto 1200 DPM
Matrix Printers                      upto 173 CPS


Thermal Printers                     Financial Terminals
Retail Terminals                     Commercial Terminals
Medical Terminals                  CRT Display Terminals


Line Printers                          up to 3000 LPM

Magnetic File Peripherals

Disk Units                               up to 200 million bytes per unit
(incl. flexible diskettes)         up to 806KB transfer rates
Data Module                            40 to 140 million bytes per unit
                                                 85KB transfer rates
Magnetic Tape Units              200 to 1600 BPI densities
(incl. cassette drives)            40 to 320 KB transfer rates
                                                 7 and 9 channels



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