The Core Memory Project



NCR 299
NCR can provide the total 
   system to solve your 
   accounting and business 
   problems. In addition to the 
   conventional, general 
   accounting applications - 
   payroll with its related tax 
   reporting, accounts 
   receivable, accounts 
   payable and general ledger - 
   the following and many 
   more specialized application 
   programs are easily 
   executed on the NCR 299 

   o Client Billing 
   o Balance Sheets 
   o Income Statements 

   o Parts Sales 
   o Dealer Trade Sales 
   o New and Used Car Sales 
   o Service and Repair Sales 
   o New and Used Car 
   o Vehicle Inventory 

   o Route Settlement 
   o Driver Commissions 
   o Daily Sales Reports 
   o Vending Machine 

   o Estimating 
   o Job Costing 
   o Equipment Records 
   o Daily Labor Reporting 

   o Student Records 
   o Appropriation Accounting 

   o Savings 
   o Mortgages 
   o Liability Ledger 
   o Installment Loan 
   o Trust Accounting 

   o Warrants 
   o Tax Billing 
   o Utility Billing 
   o Appropriation Accounting 

   o Revenue Analysis 
   o Census Reporting 
   o Inpatient Records 
   o Insurance Billing 
   o Aged Trial Balance 
   o Delinquent Notices 

   o City Ledger 
   o Department Cost Records 

   o Premium Billing 
   o Account Current 
   o Agents Commissions 

   o Time Records 
   o Client Accounting 

   o Job Cost 
   o Work-in-Process 
   o Work Center Loading 
   o Efficiency Reporting 

   o Advertising Billing 
   o Circulation Billing 

   o Cycle Billing 
   o Inventory Control 

   o Savings 
   o Mortgages 
   o Escrow Analysis 
   o Dividend Notices 

   o Position Records 
   o Sales Commissions 
   o Confirmation Notices 

   o Revenue Analysis 
   o Freight Bill Statistics 

   o Membership Accounting 

   o Order Billing 
   o Sales Analysis

NCR 299 Electronic Accounting System 

The NCR 299 is a multiple-purpose, low cost data processing system designed to speed and control the manipulation of data. A system, internally programmed for a specific application orNCR 299 processing operation, will fulfill the accounting requirements for a wide range of commercial, retail, industrial, medical, distribution, educational, governmental and financial businesses. As a complete system, the NCR 299 provides a fast and uniform method for processing and analyzing data, and converting that data into a usable tool for management.

Through advanced concepts in hardware and software architecture, an exceptional price/performance ratio is achieved for the NCR 299. With this new equipment, the system performance and processing capabilities surpass competitive systems -  including many higher priced systems.

The NCR 299 adds a new dimension to the exacting demands of your accounting system.

It expedites the ever-increasing volume of basic accounting functions -   under balanced control -  to their final destination in the general ledger and management reports.

It expedites the high-volume and specialized jobs - such as billing and payroll -  with relative ease and simplicity.

It summarizes the business data and prepares the financial and management reports - providing the right information for the consistent development of profitable operations within your organization.

An Investment to Increase Performance and Profitability

The NCR 299 is an unique combination of advanced engineering techniques, powerful firmware, modular construction, and highly efficient modules. With over 85 years of experience in designing and installing accounting systems, the NCR 299 is a tribute to that skill - a powerful system, easy to program and operate. It is a system with a higher degree of operating reliability and offers efficient system maintenance at a lower cost.

As an integrated system, it has been designed for ease, simplicity and accuracy, providing a fatigue-free work environment for the operator. Throughout the total system, modern concepts in human engineering have been incorporated in its design. To avoid fatigue, eye and muscle strain, and confusion, the immediate area around the keyboard is designed to permit the operators to perform their functions with a minimum of physical effort.

Centrally-seated before the console, the operator easily accesses the forms handler and work table for the basic input and finished output data. The control, function and branch keys are conveniently located and provide a high degree of programming and operating versatility.

The NCR 299 combines the power and decision making capabilities of a modern computer and the simplicity of a basic accounting machine providing an operator-oriented system that is easy to learn and operate.

Core Memory

All control and arithmetic operations are programmedNCR 299 System Compartment and executed in the non-volatile core memory. With the non-volatile core memory, operating efficiency is constant through the storage of programs in the read-only module of memory with the data input, output, summary totals, management report data and work areas reserved in the data collection portion of memory. In addition, the core memory may contain routines, tables and fixed factors required to process an application.

The processor, through program control, manages data input and output, initiates print formats, performs computations and other functions. In this normal, everyday operation, the processor never loses control of the system or accumulating totals through a power droppage or failure.

Terminal Control Unit

The electronic processor is a modular, compact unit utilizing the advanced generation of Large Scale Integrated (LSI) and Metal Oxide Silicon (MOS) semiconductor circuitry. It controls all system modules, and issues the instructions to add, subtract, multiply, divide, compare and branch under internally stored program control. The processor moves input and output data to and from memory, interprets and operates the total system as designated by the specified program.

High Speed Serial Printer

A serial printer rapidly prepares original and multiple-copySerial Printer Head accounting records and management reports. These hard-copy records are clear and neat, easy to read and audit a proud, official record for your customers, personnel and associates.

The serial printer has 88 characters including ASCII standard alphabetic, numeric and special characters. The special characters may be used for protecting checks and other documents, and identifying special entries to maintain a positive audit trail.


Input Console

The operator-oriented input console is centrally located,Input Console permitting easy access and visibility to all systems modules by the operator. The console has four modules consisting of the processor control, typewriter, numeric keyboard and system operation keys. The console utilizes MOS-LSI encoding logic, transferring keyboard data to the processor for routing to its destination or processing.

A system control panel is immediately located above the keyboard. The control panel indicates the current status of the system simplifies the processing operations and instills confidence in the operator.


Efficient Forms Handler

The new front feed, multi-forms handler combinesForms Handler versatility and simplicity to accomplish the most demanding system objectives, providing a wide latitude in form design and print format. With this flexibility, virtually any combination of invoices, ledgers, checks, journal rolls or sheets can be processed for a given application.

A system feature is the split platen for processing multiple records. This feature adds versatility to the system through the independent control and simultaneous processing of two different sets of records. In addition, the new open design of the basic forms handler is another operator-oriented feature for ease and simplicity in handling and positioning forms.

Program Input Reader

An optic program reading device has been incorporated into the system design of the NCR 299. As a standard feature, the optic reader converts and introduces program data into the system. This new method permits the operator to load the user program with improved speed and accuracy over most conventional techniques.

Program Control

The NCR 299 introduces a new trend in performance-priced systeNCR 299 Program Assembly Cardms for basic accounting and specialized business applications. Each system is a totally integrated unit with proven hardware modules and features, and powerful firmware. This firmware interprets each application program that is monitored by the processor and executed in the non-volatile core memory.

Utilizing this comprehensive range of firmware, each system is programmed by the local NCR branch office for the applications and objectives of your operation. This method increases the system flexibility and efficiency with minimal programming costs. Each system will utilize an application program, based on a representative step-by-step method, describing the printing, editing, arithmetic, data manipulation and forms handling functions to achieve the program objectives.

  • Define the requirements of your application.
  • Develop a logical sequence narrative description of the application solution.
  • Code a mnemonic programming form to correspond to the narrative description.
  • Transcribe the programming form to the program record.
  • Input and debug the program on the NCR 299 System.
  • Implement the application program in your system.

This new programming philosophy offers some distinct advantages advantages that are geared to providing a proven system with a great price/performance ratio.

  • Ability to develop a program without the aid or assistance and expense of additional equipment or systems.
  • Ability to modify or add to a program or system at the installation site.
  • Includes a fast and easy method of program loading - with built-in checks for accuracy.
  • Provides unlimited capabilities within each system for user-oriented applications and operations.

Application Programs

As a business equipment manufacturer, NCR is dedicated to solving problems throughout the business world. One of our primary functions is to keep abreast of fast-changing trends in the business world and then, develop new techniques and systems for improving the efficiency and management control to meet the new challenges of these trends. These techniques and systems are designed to provide a faster return on your investment through a direct savings in equipment, personnel and systems expenditures.


General Specifications


  • Processor: MOS-LSI semiconductor circuitry.
  • Memory: non-volatile core memory.
  • Serial printer: 88-character print ball, including alphabetic, numeric, special symbols and characters which are required in many accounting functions; 10-characters-per-inch type style provides a total type line of 220 characters.


In Summary

The NCR 299 is a general purpose, low-cost data processing system. Featuring an exceptional price/performance ratio, the NCR 299 System represents an investment that ensures increased productivity on your accounting work at less cost. As an operator-oriented system, completely alphanumeric, the NCR 299 is a versatile unit that can be utilized for many applications. With this processing power and flexibility, there are important features and functions of the system, specifically designed and included as an integral part of the total system.

  • Alphanumeric keyboard for entering descriptive data into the system.
  • Control panel to display the constant operating status of the system.
  • Fast and accurate program loading.
  • High speed serial printer that prepares neat, legible records in a clear, crisp font.
  • Multi-forms handler with split platen for greater flexibility in form design, processing procedures and printing formats.
  • Extensive application programs for all businesses.
  • Application program flexibility that permits modifications to be added to the program or system at the installation site.
  • True debit and credit balances that reflect actual account status for all to read.
  • Automatic balance verification that ensures correct, up-to-date accounting records.
  • Protective printing for checks and special documents that adds security and prestige.
  • Accumulating control totals to permit preparation of meaningful management reports.
  • Auditable and immediately available hard-copy records for operating personnel and management.
  • Operator-oriented system easily learned and maintained without skilled or highly trained personnel.



 The Core Memory Project. 
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